BodiTrak Point of Sale easily lets you guide your customers through the mattress selection process. And it helps them discover the best personal setting for any adjustable mattress.

Using BodiTrak Point of Sales Systems

  • "Builds Traffic"
  • "Increases customer time spent with sales staff"
  • "Raises average sale value"
  • "Yields a rapid return on investment"
  • "Expands close rate"
  • "Generates Bigger Sales"

Technical Specifications:

  • Sensor material: layers of Lycra
  • Flexibility: 3D stretch
  • Number of sensors: 864 or 1728
  • Computer Interface: Integrated with sensor USB connected and powered
  • Cover: Eastex or Lycra
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Scan speed: user selectable
  • Sensor size: 34 x 77 inches

BodiTrak Point of Sales (POS) Systems Are Available With:

  • BodiTrak POS software or a custom version for your store
  • BodiTrak computer interface
  • Unique, Durable, Elastic sensing mat
  • PC Workstation configuration or Mobile use with wireless and touch-screen tablets

Sleep options are scanned and scored with a comfort index to help the consumer select the best product for their personal needs - the one that will give them a better nights sleep... and your store a more satisfied customer!

BodiTrak Smart Beds are also available as a sleep solution that maximizes a sleeper's comfort needs all night long!