BodiTrak Beds Sense Your Patient's Body Pressures and Intelligently Adjust

BodiTrak Smart beds give the caregiver a new tool to manage and monitor their client's skin integrity. Our Pressure Aware stretch fabric sensor provides vital pressure distribution information as part of BodiTrak Smart beds. BodiTrak compliments the nursing protocol for skin care by first adapting the surface to best distribute the patients interface pressures and then providing real-time pressure monitoring of patients position, current pressure and based in part on the Reswick Rogers curve, the cumulative tissue loading on the patient up to that point in time.


BodiTrak Monitor

  • minimize costs sto the health system caused by pressure ulcers
  • nursing staff make informed decisions about patient care
  • ensure compliance of clinical standards
  • enhance overall quality of care


BodiTrak Informational Videos